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During the two-year Game master programme, students are immersed in a production environment very similar to the actual working environment of a gaming studio. Over the course of developing three video games while working on a team, students will be faced with overcoming all the challenges that occur in a professional setting when creating a video game.

The classes included in this course will teach students about the different aspects of game design and production such as design, animation, real-time rendering, interfaces, game concepts, etc. Building on their experience gained from their Game bachelor’s degree, students will discover the newest cutting-edge techniques in the industry in regard to areas like motion capture or virtual reality, for example.

Making-of Jank'n'Pon Directed by Raphaël Thiessard, Vivien Rakotonirina, Théo Madon Fortineau and Jean-luc Lefèvre.

Discover the different steps of the game Jan’n’Pon. A Master 1 project by RaphaĂ«l Thiessard, Vivien Rakotonirina, ThĂ©o Madon Fortineau and Jean-luc Lefèvre.

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