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2 years’ programme

The aim of the Master in Design course is to allow students to manage the production process and to drive a project to its entirety.
Through the two years of the master cycle, an important part of the classes are taught by visiting lecturers who excel in their field.
Teamwork and project mode, as well as semester in an international partner school and new internships during the fourth year, prepare students to their professional integration.
The diploma project and the finalisation of the professional portfolio during the 5th year conclude the cycle.

4th year Design Course

A global approach to communication is acquired progressively, and the students work on real cases, from the brief to the finalisation of the project.

The 4th year will allow the student to make his choice as to the continuation of his course by specialising in either: Advertising, Digital Design, Graphic Design (visual identity and packaging), Design and Typography (only on the Paris Campus), or in Design & Strategy, strenthening his professional practice as a future Artistic Director.

5th year Design Course

The 5th year allows students to hone and integrate the skills they have acquired so far. The fundamental subjects are still taught, but the subjects are more complex and offer a more global approach to communication. Students are required, through this last year, to demonstrate their ability to master the full range of communication tools and to integrate them into an original approach of visual creation with the ultimate objective of presenting and defending their final project in front of a jury.