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ECV has always wanted to allow the greatest number of students to access all its courses. The year of integration was created to this end. This year is an essential bridge for students who wish to pursue their studies in a French-speaking programme. Throughout the course of the year, students are accompanied so that they acquire the fundamentals in the language and are ready to take on courses at the same level as a French student.

Available in both Paris and Shanghai, this training course is entirely dedicated to learning French and to introducing students to the Design, Animation, Game and Digital degree courses. With more than 700 hours of teaching by FLE and ECV teachers, this year of integration was set up to accompany foreign students prepare for their studies in France. It is mandatory for students who do not have a sufficient level of French to directly join any programme of the ECV, regardless of their year of study.

Conditions for admission :

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Copy of your passport
  • Portfolio

Applying via Campus Art :
Students who are interested in the programmes and who submitted their files on Campus Art must inform the International Office.